Precision Electrical Termination Certification




“It’s never too late to enter an industry that is both rewarding, innovative and capable of providing a stable future. You have to be willing to take the step towards your future. Programs like NC3 and PETC get you prepared for achievement in the workplace and put you on a path of success.”


Crimping is the cornerstone of electrical termination in high-reliability applications in aerospace, land-based and maritime transportation, space exploration, and military defense systems. When properly performed, crimping results in a reliable connection between a contact and conductor that incorporates dependable electrical and mechanical characteristics.


DMC® has supported high reliability wiring industries for over 70 and were searching for a platform to help train the technicians and engineers of tomorrow. We knew we needed to inspire students at the high school and college level and show them that the future of aerospace is bright.


DMC and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to develop a certification that includes hands-on training on tools that are vital to a broad spectrum of critical industries. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the methodology of crimping; identification of essential component parts such as mil-spec connectors and contacts; and the proper use of a variety of electrical wiring tools.


Our partnership with NC3 and the Train the Trainer program is helping develop the workforce of tomorrow with “Skills for Life”.  Its more than just learning one discipline, it giving individuals of all ages the skills they need to make a positive impact on their community, our economy, and their families future.




Course Content Includes:


History of connectors and wire termination tooling


Connector, contact, terminal, and splice identification


Crimping methodology


Tool identification, assembly, and operation


Installing and removal of mil-spec contacts


Equipment maintenance, calibration, and verification



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