The straps for DMC Strap Wrenches are available in four styles (which are color coded for easy identification) to better meet the needs of individual applications.


The Black Strap is the traditional rubber strap for DMC strap wrenches. It is the most flexible and grip-friendly of all strap materials, but requires replacement more often than other strap constructions. It is good for all sizes, and flexible enough to grip smaller diameters (.25 to .75 inches), however, the black strap is not recommended for high torque range tightening. It is available in looped and loopless configurations. Because of the shorter service life of this material, we recommend the loopless version so the user can make adjustments to compensate for wear or breakage.


The Blue Strap is made of a thin layer of extruded polyethylene over a nylon belt. This strap is the preferred choice for all general purpose connector and backshell tightening applications, and it has good service life at medium to high-medium torque ranges. The Blue Straps, although not as flexible and grip-friendly as the Black Rubber straps, are a good choice because of the increased durability. This strap will grip .75 inch diameters and larger, and is available in looped and loopless configurations.


The Red Strap is the same material and construction as the Blue Strap, but it is thicker and stronger for higher torque range tightening and increased durability. This heavy duty construction allows it to be used on smooth or knurled surfaces, and can be used to tighten fittings with 1.0 inch diameters and larger. It is available in looped and loopless versions.


The White Strap is a traditional hard rubber construction option that has a durable rubber surface on one side. It is used effectively where high strength is needed, but flexibility is not important. It is well suited to all diameters of 2.0 inches or larger. Due to its sturdy & thick construction, the white strap is only available in looped configuration.

BT-BS-610BT-A-60101/2″ (Black)Yes.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610B*BT-A-6010B*1/2″ (Blue)Yes.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610WBT-A-6010W1/2″ (White)Yes.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610RBT-A-6010R1/2" (Red)Yes.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-609BT-A-60101/2″ (Black)Yes.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609B*BT-A-6010B*1/2″ (Blue)Yes.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609WBT-A-6010W1/2″ (White)Yes.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609RBT-A-6010R1/2" (Red)Yes.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-611BT-A-61755/8" (Black)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611B*BT-A-6175B*5/8" (Blue)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611WBT-A-6175W5/8" (White)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618BT-A-61851" (Black)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618B*BT-A-6185B*1" (Blue)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618WBT-A-6185W1" (White)Yes1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-625BT-A-62501/2" (Red)Yes.50" to 2.00"
BT-BS-630BT-A-63007/16" (Black)Yes.50" to 2.00"

*The blue series strap wrench and replacement straps are preferred for connector/accessory use.

BT-BS-610SSBT-A-6010-BK1/2″ (Black)No.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610BSS*BT-A-6010B-BK*1/2″ (Blue)No.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610RSSBT-A-6010R-BK1/2″ (Red)No.25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-609SSBT-A-6010-BK1/2″ (Black)No.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609BSS*BT-A-6010B-BK*1/2″ (Blue)No.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609RSSBT-A-6010R-BK1/2″ (Red)No.50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-611SSBT-A-6175-BK5/8" (Black)No1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611BSS*BT-A-6175B-BK*5/8" (Blue)No1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618SSBT-A-6185-BK1" (Black)No1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618BSS*BT-A-6185B-BK*1" (Blue)No1.00" to 4.00"

*The blue series strap wrench and replacement straps are preferred for connector/accessory use.

** SS stands for Straight Strap used with the Loopless Strap Tools